Jugs #4000 Knotted Nylon Net for Standard Batting Cage Price: $1,199.95 (as of 07/04/2023 11:08 PST- Details)


Practice and refine your baseball or softball skills in one of the crucial world’s most durable batting cages. Select the Jugs® Batting Cage Net needed and purchase your installation accessories.

    You can install this net THREE ways:

  • OUTDOORS… with the Jugs® permanent in-ground Frame. To purchase the frame for this net .
  • INDOORS… with the Jugs® indoor kit. To purchase the Jugs kit for INDOOR Installation of this net, .
  • CEILING… the use of the Jugs® Ceiling Kit. To purchase the Ceiling Kit, .
  • 70′ long, 14′ wide, and 12′ high
  • Dura-Tech™
  • Ideal for baseball and fastpitch softball
    The #1 standard batting cage net may be to be had in the following sizes:

The JUGS Company is the exclusive around the world source for batting cage netting created from DuPont type 66-728 nylon – the most durable nylon on this planet against all forces of nature including but not limited to: rain, snow, and ultraviolet rays.

All JUGS Nets have a diamond mesh construction for better resistance to constant use, even by college and professional ball players.

  • Diamond Mesh flexibility allows netting to adjust to uneven surfaces.
  • Diamond Mesh construction maximizes the strength of our netting.

Superior Features of JUGS Hanging Ropes

  • Hanging ropes on all JUGS nets are top of the range, low stretch and polyester jacketed to provide maximum UV resistance. (beware of nets that have ropes made of polyprophylene, they are going to degrad